Beatnick Dee and Killem Dafoe

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Wav Warehouse Presents: Motives by Beatnick Dee & Killem Dafoe "Motives," a sample library by the talented duo Be...
Beatnick Dee and Killem Dafoe - Motives


Wav Warehouse Presents: Motives by Beatnick Dee & Killem Dafoe

"Motives," a sample library by the talented duo Beatnick Dee and Killem Dafoe. This collection of 14 expertly crafted compositions transports you through the soulful echoes of the past and into the gritty, atmospheric realms of the present.

A Journey Through Sound

"Motives" draws inspiration from the moody depths of 70's library records, the smooth grooves of mellow soul, the psychedelic rock era, and the eerie tones of horror soundtracks. This versatile library offers diverse sonic textures perfect for creating smooth Boom Bap, intense Trap beats, and cinematic, eerie instrumentals. Each composition is designed with various change-ups, outros, and additional musical pieces to provide endless creative possibilities.

Vintage Gear, Authentic Vibes

Crafted using an mix of vintage gear, including the Sequential Prophet 6, Crumar Roadrunner 2, Behringer Poly D, Fender Strat, Behringer Solina String Ensemble, Squire Jazz Bass, Epiphone Gibson Special, PRS SE Mira, and classic percussion instruments like the Flexatone, Tambourine, and Guiro, "Motives" ensures a rich, authentic sound that cuts through the mix with clarity and warmth.

Tailored for Your Production Needs

Each sample is labeled with its BPM and key, making it easy to integrate into any DAW or sampler. Choose from the 14 original compositions or opt for the compositions and their stems for greater flexibility in your production process. With master clearance guaranteed, you can focus on your creativity without any legal concerns.

Fuel Your Creativity

"Motives" is more than just a sample library; it's a gateway to inspiration. Whether you're laying down smooth, soulful beats, crafting dramatic, high-energy tracks, or exploring the cinematic, atmospheric soundscapes, these samples are the perfect foundation for your musical journey.

Elevate your productions with the timeless, vintage vibes of "Motives," and let your creativity soar.

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